The project will have significant results in terms of protecting the cross border area against the disastrous effects of floods, a natural phenomenon whose frequency and intensity is expected to increase due to the climate change. The main expected results from the project’s implementation are:

1.Improvement of protective infrastructure along the river flow in the areas with significant risk of flooding

2.Decrease of obstructions in the narrow sections of the river basin, improving water flow

3.Improvement of water flow in riverbeds, reducing the risk of frequent flooding in the nearby riverbed facilities, land and property

4.Reduced land area prone to floods and increased flood protection for project areas

5.Reduction of negative economic and social implications caused by floods

6.Increase of the awareness and readiness of the population in the cross border area for reacting in case of flooding

7.Enhancement of the capacity of competent authorities and local population for better preparedness in risk response actions

8.Enhancement of PBs ability react promptly during unexpected floods in different areas with the use of special equipment (mobile flood barrier)

9.Establishment of cooperation in the field of active water management and flood risk prevention and prevention of natural and man-made catastrophes.

10.Increase of safety feeling for the residents in areas near the river basins

11.Promotion of cooperation between competent authorities on flood planning and management

Furthermore, the project contributes to the result indicators of the Programme, as it covers two international rivers between Greece and Bulgaria (Struma/Strymon, Ardas-Arda and Evros-Maritsa) and promotes the joint coordination and management of flood risks.

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