The main objective of the project is to increase the level of protection against floods in the c/b area of Greece and Bulgaria and especially in areas with high probability of flood events across the two international river basins of Struma/Strymon and Evros/Maritsa. In order to achieve this main objective, PBs have concluded on a number of sub-objectives which then were transformed into concrete actions. The sub-objectives of the project are:

• Improvement/support/maintenance of existing permanent flood protection infrastructure in order to either increase their ability to constrain flood water or facilitate better water flow and therefore reduce the risk of flood.
• Supply of necessary equipment that will enable PBs to react promptly against imminent floods and constrain the negative effects of water in flood areas.
• Enhance the cooperation between competent authorities in the two countries and their capacity to address climate change.

Start Date 11 September 2017
End Date 30 November 2023
Budget 13.195.122,46 €
ERDF Contribution 11.215.854,09 €
National Contribution 1.979.268,37 €
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